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Defying Inertia

by The Multiverse Concept

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released June 7, 2013




The Multiverse Concept Pune, India

The Multiverse Concept is the solo project of Aksheya Chandar from pune, India.
The music, though predominantly metal aims to range through a multitude of different genres within metal, maybe even beyond. The name "The Multiverse Concept" is symbolic of the boundary-less musical possibilities that can exist in this project, and in music in general. ... more

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Track Name: Anomalous
When you lend your hand, You’d do well, to understand
I couldn’t take it if I wanted
Brick by brick I built this wall
Cement and sweat lest it suddenly falls
You couldn’t break it if you tried
And I see, insignificant things all around
And I hear better, when there’s no sound
Waves of judgement crash into me, cleans me
Why do I feel so soiled?
Anger makes me placid, chaos makes me lucid
In this vast expanse of a place I’ve never belonged
I’m somewhere between lost and found
Find me and I lose myself again.
In this indeterminant space personified fears take shape
Time stands still for the forsaken
And I see, insignificant things all around
And I hear better, when theres no sound.
They watch me, with their bloody eyes
I stare right back, am I scared, am I really?
Am I a man am I a shadow am I nothing at all?
Track Name: Resuming "I"
I’ve been waiting
Lost in the conflicts of my mind
I’m here again, no reason, no end in sigh
t I remember, calling this place my own
A stone where my heart was I remember, the days of rationale
I remember
I could see us thriving off the glory of the day
I can see it no more.
Break through, seize the day and feel the burn
Step in the madness this is your time
My delusions are not for me to keep
Passing restraints
I have learnt to fly
Lost without A sense of direction,
my fight to stay afloat In the seas of depths unknown
I am
the essence of the living
Where my fears are exposed to suffering
I wish I could change the way I see the world
I wish I could reach out to my kind

With open arms, ill take you to the place where
Lasting truths shine through
Where our dreams are as beautiful reality
The man marches on.
He’s staring into the distance
A still voice penetrates the void that we have left behind

At the crossroads,
Where being human feels like a distant dream
Life’s worth measured in the moment
Where the thriving pulse of life defines me
Sacred dreams guarded forever
By the might of the innocent
The passing reflections of what I’ve become
Coming to terms, I’m lost in time.
I’m lost.
Wish I could change the way I see the world.
I wish I could reach out (i cant reach out)

Somewhere back in time i recognised my truth
All this emptiness and the time within
And all the things that we thought would never change.
I recognise my truth
Track Name: Defying Inertia
Energy change,
Boundaries meant to be breached, Systems meant to collapse
Friend or foe, Will strike you down
The essence of the cycle of existence
Surrender to the overwhelming surge of things anew
Bones, feel it in your bones, Then wash it all away.
Surrender to the overwhelming Surge of things anew.

Flowing and endless deception,
Nothing is what it seems,
You mistook for paradise,
the abattoir of your dreams
Root of all creation,
occurrences unexplained,
Fuelled by the energy,
Morphing constantly.
Surrender to the overwhelming surge of things anew
Bones, feel it in your bones, Then wash it all away.
Surrender to the overwhelming Surge of things anew.

Fragments of what was once whole
Will decimate to nothingness
Reconstructed structures fall again
Plague of change goes on till no end
Aloof, allow the change to consume
Aloof, allow the change to consume and ascend.
Track Name: Collisions Within
Pull me out,
before I change into
Something I do not know.
How can I believe I wont, When the world wants me to
How can I love, when I’m so deep in hate
How I can I be loved, How can I be loved,
If I’m never the same.

This angel in me fights the demon Hidden in a dark desolate place
He strays from the path
He needs the light
He needs someone, is anyone listening?

He who creates his fate,
Holds the key to his escape
From this bar less prison
Of an existence so vain
She, my saviour, my release, my reason
Is she a figment of my imagination?

Chaos, in the human mind Is taking me down
Whispers of the heart tell the story of a hollow man
If feigning acceptance was the answer,
How will he ever move on
Part of me dies, and a little more
There’s no time left, I have to be sure.
Now, it all ends now.
I have to end it now.
Track Name: Carnations Wilt Away
I seek an answer
Is there a moment I can hold on to?
(failed emotions)
I cant sleep, I’m afraid, that things won’t be the same again
(the cold stares)
This small moment of clarity
(is there an answer)
in the years of madness
(nowhere to run)
These eyes have seen.
What must it take to live in this moment forever?

Failed emotions radiate From this bleeding heart of mine
Conceptual happiness that we all identify
Seems like a meaningless thought Patterns of selfish existence
Your story is what is seeing in my eyes.

Want to run away, like the wind
Reaching closure with the self Is where we are?
But there’s more to the moment
Than just fighting to seek real meaning.

Want to run away,
like the wind
(Let it be now child)
In the years of madness that these eyes have seen
(It might take a while, don’t want let it go)
Your story is what I see in my eyes
Your reflections of your inner self

Told to the world,
By the actions that have come to define you.